Tudor City Residents Losing Sleep Thanks To ConEd Generator
Some residents of a Tudor City street are frustrated with a loud, continuously running generator. Jim Rowbotham and his wife said for nearly a week they have been subjected to wearing ear plugs when they sleep in their fourth floor apartment on 41st Street near 2nd Avenue.

"I can't hear my wife nor can she hear me from one room to the next," said Rowbotham.

According to Con Edison, the generator was put in to supply power to the Hilton Manhattan East, formerly the Tudor Hotel, after a manhole fire last week. That fire burned feeder cables to the hotel and the damage underground is extensive.

"It is definitely something that is bothering a lot of people in the neighborhood. My dog, it's interfering with his squirrel hunting," said another Tudor City resident, Melissa Odell.

Rowbotham suggested Con Ed use industrial silencers or mufflers made for large, loud equipment, but said he was told the company does not use the product.

A spokesperson for Con Ed said they apologize for the noise, but says the job is difficult and could take another week or more.