Detectives Return To SoHo Bodega Where Etan Patz Was Allegedly Killed
On Wednesday police returned to the SoHo basement where Etan Patz was allegedly killed in 1979, and are reportedly more sure than ever that accused killer Pedro Hernandez is indeed guilty.

The apartment at West Broadway and Prince Street has been the subject of an investigation since suspect Pedro Hernandez admitted to strangling then 6-year-old Etan in the basement. In the 1970s, Hernandez worked in what used to be a bodega above the apartment. 

According to, new details have surfaced assuring the NYPD that Hernandez is guilty. Apparently he kept a picture of Etan among his personal collection for years.

Hernandez's ex-wife, Daisy Rivera, says she found the photo in the mid-1980s. It looks like it was cut from one of the missing persons posters that filled their neighborhood after Etan went missing, she says. 

Authorities say this testimony, along with Hernandez's confession in May and his sudden move from SoHo shortly after Etan disappeared could be enough evidence to prove Hernandez is guilty.

Hernandez currently resides on Rikers Island. His next court appearance is set for October 1st.