A lawyer from Long Island who is accused of victimizing 13 couples in what is being likened to a multistate, Ponzi-like adoption scam, will face additional charges, according to prosecutors.

Kevin Cohen, of Roslyn, faced a judge Wednesday in Mineola on an indictment accusing him of grand larceny and other charges.

According to Nassau County prosecutors, Ada Garbarino and Deputy Chief Bennett, Cohen promised babies to couples from states including New York, Georgia, Ohio and Texas - although the infants never existed.

Brigid Vogt, of Long Island, said Cohen had given her a sonogram of the baby she and her husband were promised.

"I was carrying it around with me," Vogt told PIX News. "I was kissing it...I thought this way going to be my baby."

Vogt said she was walking on cloud nine after receiving the sonogram of the child she thought would be hers - a baby sister or brother, for her son Brandon. However the sonogram turned out to be a fake.

Vogt was unable to have children after giving birth to her only child. Desperately wanting a sibling for her son, she and her husband scraped together their money and took out a $20-thousand loan to adopt.

However, the documents Cohen sent to Vogt turned out to be full of bogus information.

"The mother was a college student in Pennsylvania that had this unfortunate pregnancy," Vogt said one of the papers read. "She wasn't prepared to keep the child and she wanted to put the child up for adoption."

The Nassau County District Attorney's office says Cohen's scheme unraveled when one couple became suspicious when he kept stalling to deliver the newborn.

"I'm sure he would have done it to more people," said Vogt.

Cohen partially refunded some of the victims with proceeds he reportedly collected from subsequent couples. He is accused of conning expecting adoptive parents out of a total of $300,000.

Cohen is being held on $500,000 bail.

Cohen's lawyer did not make himself available to reporters at Wednesday's hearing.

Investigators believe there may be more couples out there that were conned by Cohen.

Experts say anyone looking to adopt should do their homework, get references and work with the American Adoption Association.