More than two-thirds of New Yorkers can hear their neighbors having sex, according to a surprising report released Thursday.

The most common sounds overheard by the 407 people surveyed by, a news site for homeowners, are thumping (60 percent), moaning (56 percent), screaming (28 percent) and "other" (23 percent).

A 20-something woman living in the Lower East Side said to the poller that she doesn't have loud sex because she is afraid her neighbors might complain about her.

Although more than half of those surveyed expressed negative reaction, such as annoyed, disgusted, anxious, to the oohs and ahhs next doors, 89 percent never confronted the lovebird neighbors or reported them to the building manager.

However, 16 percent admitted that they are aroused by loud love making sessions. How you doin' New York!


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