Neighbors Coping With Shocking Shooting Death Of Queens Mother
Relatives of a Queens mother of two who was gunned down on her front porch early Sunday told PIX 11 her "night out" started with a school reunion.

Now her family believes a minor incident with another woman in a bar made 39-year-old Sandra Bajnath a target for death.

Bajnath was at the Food Hut and Bar on Rockaway Boulevard in South Ozone Park about 3:30 am Sunday, when she apparently accidentally bumped into another woman. Even though Bajnath apologized, the other woman and her male companions were said to be enraged. Bajnath and her husband, Anthony Tika--along with their friend, Sean Seepaul---decided to go back to the couple's home two blocks away.

Two hours later, a group of men with guns showed up, unleashing a fusillade of bullets on Bajnath and Seepaul, as they sat on the porch. Bajnath was hit in the torso and pronounced dead at the scene. Seepaul was taken to Jamaica Hospital in critical condition.

"If somebody bumps you and you can't take 'sorry' and just walk away, then whoever did this, they need to pay," said Bajnath's brother-in-law, Ramnart Tika, outside the victim's home on 135th Street on Monday. "If somebody is going to kill over that, we need to look at the society we're living in."

Tika said his younger brother, Anthony, was devastated by the loss of his wife….who was on maternity leave from Verizon….caring for their 9-month old son, Ravin, along with his older brother, 6 year old, T.J. Regarding the baby, Tika said, "He's only nine months old. Not even one year old. And now, he won't know who his mother is."

The husband's cousin, Roger Seebaran, said of Anthony Tika, who witnessed his wife's execution, "Right now, he can barely talk. He can barely speak." The couple had been together for 20 years, meeting in Brooklyn as teenagers. Anthony Tika started his own heating and coolant business. "They're inseparable," Seebaran said. "I can't picture him without her."

The two little boys were staying with their grandmother on Long Island when their parents went out Saturday evening.

When PIX 11 visited the victim's house on Monday, her husband and relatives were "power washing" the driveway and porch, also using Lysol to try and clean blood from the walkway.

Candles were lit on a small table on the porch, where Rajnath used to sit near her Hindu flags, an ode to her religious beliefs. Her cousin observed how difficult it would be for Anthony Tika to explain things to his older son, "He's only six years old. How do you tell your six year old 'mom's not coming home? She's been shot.'"

Police detectives were reviewing surveillance footage from the scene, and the victim's sister- in- law told PIX 11 Monday afternoon she heard that a couple of people were being interviewed by cops at the local precinct. It will be crucial for investigators to interview anyone who was present at Food Hut early Sunday morning, when words were exchanged between the two women.

Police think the men who got upset with Rajnath asked around the club….to find out where she lived.

Two hours later, she was gone for good.