National Guard Serves As Life-Line To Brooklyn Seniors
A team of National Guardsmen and first responders went door-to-door Saturday, checking out apartment buildings where many of Brighton Beach's ailing seniors live, some who still have no power. They're supplying food and water to the residents. They're also helping to get their prescriptions filled and are providing whatever medical assistance they may need.

"Every one of the teams we send up has paramedics with them, emergency responders with them, to insure if anything goes wrong, if there's an issue, we can handle it -- or at least keep them alive long enough to get them to a hospital," said National Guardsman Lt. Chasen Smith.

"I'm happy FEMA and the National Guard are here now. The priority should have been the elderly, because this community is mostly elderly people, and to have gotten to them first, and given them even generators because these buildings are extremely old," said Nonna Alba, who has a bed-ridden grandmother living in one of those buildings.

Busloads of volunteers participating in the city's Day Of Service initiative also came to Brighton Beach to help clean up the boardwalk and the beach. The storm surge left the Boardwalk covered with a few feet of sand, and with debris scattered across the beach.

"We at the Parks Department are trying to get the parks, the boardwalks, the beaches back in shape for families to come out and enjoy them again," said Parks Commissioner Veronica White.

"It's just good to do your part, trying to help people return to normalcy a little bit," said volunteer Victoria Lopez.