It's illegal to reserve a parking space, with patio furniture or even a garbage can, even if you broke your back shoveling it out.

So what would happen if you move someone's spot holder? Say pick up a plastic chair and put it on the on the snow bank, and pulled into the nice clean parking space.

PIX 11 News did just that on Gerritsen Avenue and it didn't take long for resident Dan Fox to approach us.

"I'm gonna punch in you the face now," Dan said, who is known on the block as Dan Fox Nice Guy.

He was joking of course that time, but he does say he approaches people who try to park in the spot he cleared.

We asked if it would be okay to park in the spot he cleared out if he we helped dig next time. He replied, "Nah that's like kissing your sister."

For Fox and many others, the question is not necessarily about the legality, but more about respect.