Mother Of Unarmed Man Shot And Killed By NYPD: "I Want Justice"
There have been three major cases this year of NYPD cops killing unarmed New York City men. First it was Ramarley Graham in February, then the inadvertent gunshot that took the life of Reynaldo Cuevas during a robbery last month and now Noel Polanco.

Like the others, a mother once again stands mourning in the aftermath defiantly demanding one thing that can bring closure, "I want answers and I want just justice. I want to make sure this is investigated very well," said Cecilia Reyes the mother of Polanco. The unarmed 22-year-old was shot and killed by an NYPD detective early Thursday morning.

Reyes is not alone, others who knew the Army National Guardsman as well are questioning the NYPD, "The first thought I had what the hell happened," said Specialist Radoslaw Moshay. The 33-year-old served with Polanco as engineers in Unit 1156. The two met on their first day in 2008. To him, Polanco was "more than a brother, more than a brother."

On Friday morning he showed up to Polanco's home to provide support to his mother. Moshay admitted that the loss was challenging, "The hardest part was to explain it to my son yesterday."

A day after he explained to his son what happened, he now would like to see NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to step up and provide an explanation himself, "Do the right thing, let the truth come out," quickly adding, "somebody did something and I'm pretty sure it wasn't him."

As for the construction drill that the NYPD mentioned they found on the floor of the driver's side? "What is so bad about a drill?, and What could he have done with a drill honestly?"

The Queens County District Attorney's Office says they are investigating,

The NYPD informed PIX 11 News that there have been 26 officer-involved shootings in 2012. The stat represents nearly a 20% increase over the same period in 2011.

There is irony in Polanco's death. He had blueprints to ultimately become an NYPD police officer.