Relatives Of Those Killed By Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano's Speak Out Against New Book
The families of the 19 people murdered by mob rat Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano do not want his daughter, Karen, to profit from a new book about her life as a mafia brat.

She's the star of the reality series 'Mob Wives' and Karen Gravano's book titled 'Mob Daughter' is due out Valentine's Day. According to the publisher it offers an unprecedented look into the life of a family headed by a feared hit man, and families of his victims say 'enough is enough.'

Karen Garofalo was 25 years old and her sister just 16 when their father, Eddie, was murdered in cold blood at the hands of Gravano – a horrifying memory that hasn't left her.

"Criminals should not profit, that's our message," Garofalo said.

The Garofalos and Roseann Massa successfully sued to prevent Sammy Gravano from profiting from his own blood-spattered memoir, 'Underboss'. Instead, that money went to victims' families.

"Whatever this woman receives . . . as long as it doesn't go into a Gravano bank account," said Massa.

The feds rewarded Sammy Gravano for turning on his old pals, including Gambino capo John Gotti, by slapping him with only 5 years for 19 admitted murders. But after leaving witness protection, the now famous rat was convicted of dealing ecstasy along with his wife, son and daughter, Karen.

"She's a convicted criminal continuing to profit – the Son of Sam Law is for victims everywhere," Laura Garofalo said.

Garofalo is also seeking the assistance of the New York State Atty. General and Gov. Cuomo to beef up the current son law.