In the middle of Manhattan, within the walls of The Hypnosis Center on 36th Street, a man's profession is with the paranormal.

"I call myself the soul clearer," said Bill Lukas.

Lukas believes 95% of us have unwanted spirits living inside our souls. He says the average person has a few. "Many of them are from hundreds of years ago."

Now, this probably triggers images from a certain scary movie (The Exorcist) but we're not talking about demons. Lukas says they're spirits or attachments or entities from people who died traumatically.

While they may not be evil, they manifest an unhealthiness inside the human body that can lead to drinking, drugs or depression.

"They're like blemishes and parasites on a person's soul and body. I like to clear them so they can be just themselves and be responsible for their own actions and decisions. I'm not a psychic or a medium or anything like that. I'm fairly normal. I guide them into an altered state of consciousness where the entities can speak through them."

Lukas let us share one of his taped sessions. For privacy purposes, we will call the client 'Elena.'

She works as a healer in the city and says a general heaviness has been holding her back from being successful in her career.

Through hypnosis therapy, Bill contacted the spirit living inside Elena.

"Come forth and identify yourself now, do you have a name?" Elena, with her eyes closed replied, "Paul."

Lukas asked the spirit Paul how he died. Elena responded, "I just died suddenly."

Bill: "How old are you Paul?"

Elena: "I was 79."

Bill: "You ready to go home?"

Elena: "Yeah."

Bill encourages the spirit to leave Elena's body and go to the light.

Then, she says, "He said 'goodbye.'"

Just like that, he claims to have cleared her soul. Elena says she feels much better and it's a year and half later.

It only took two hours and $150.

"Most of the clients feel lighter," said Lukas.

But he wants to be clear: What he does is not exorcism, like you have seen in the movies. Instead, its spirit is released.

Lukas said, "Very few of them are demons or anything that negative. Many of them are just poor souls stuck inside."