Melinda Brady, the alleged architect behind the "Medford Massacre", will not be facing murder charges.

"The law is simply as such that we cannot charge her with murder," said Suffolk County District Attorney Tom Spota.

The announcement on Tuesday morning was made after the 29-year-old Brady was indicted on a first-degree charge of robbery. Instead of a possible life behind bars, Brady is now only looking at 25 years in prison, with the potential for as few as 5. "I can assure you that is not going to happen," said Spota.

The wife of unemployed David Laffer went as far as to give him a prescription for specific pills before he allegedly murdered four people in cold blood at Haven Drugs Pharmacy on Father's Day.

Since her arrest, Brady has been working overtime to reduce the sentence. "She and her attorney have been cooperative, but the fact that she has not been charged with murder has absolutely nothing to do with whatever cooperation she has given us," said Spota.

The DA's office also announced that 1000 additional pills have been recovered from the bottom of a blender box inside the couple's home. In addition, the barrel of the murder weapon was located buried in a nearby yard.

Tuesday night PIX 11 News found another connection to Brady and Laffer, Mike and Lisa Pagliuca. The couple has known Laffer since he was twenty, and Brady since she came into his life, and feel that Brady is getting off easy. "It's baloney. She knew. She had to know. You don't just go and say you're going to rob a pharmacy and not know what's going to go down," said the couple as they worked in their front yard. Lisa then added, "We knew it was a slippery slope they lived on, and, (we) never thought that something like this could be on the end of that path."