A mechanic at a Long Island service station is in police custody Monday after apparently forcing his way into a customer's home and threatening to kill her and her family if she went to police.

According to Nassau County authorities, Roman Genao forced his way into the 60-year-old woman's house in Great Neck and put a knife to the victim's neck.

"He came in...cut the phone line and demanded the safe," said Nassau County Police Detective Lieutenant Kevin Smith.

The victim told PIX News she recognized Genao from the service station and said she was so nervous, she forked over $1,000 and even wrote him a check for $4,000. The woman said she was so frazzled after the incident she had no intention of going to police.but was forced to by friends.

"They finally were able to determine what happened to her," said Smith. "They told her she has got to dial 911 and report this."

Police aren't sure if Genao would have preyed on the woman again - or if he did the same thing to other customers. After cutting the victim's phone line, Genao called the victim on her cell phone to restate his threats, police said.

The manager at the service station was at a loss for words when questioned by PIX News.

"He was just an employee here....that is all I know," he said.