Married Nassau County Officer Accused of "Under-the-Covers" Investigations
Tara Obenauer, a Massapequa single mom, says her heart was broken by married Nassau County officer Mike Tedesco after he promised the financial executive and former stripper he would leave his wife and kids and move into her waterfront Massapequa manse this summer.

Police officer and Nassau County PBA President James Carver fielded questions Monday about the allegation that Tedesco was spending hours each day in her house while he was on duty--on the public's dime.

"At this point it's only an allegation. He hasn't been convicted of anything at this point," said Carver.

Tedesco didn't answer the door at his Holbrook home that he shares with his wife and children. The cop, who has 17 years on the job in Nassau County at $175,000 a year, took a quickie retirement amid the scandalous accusations and an order of protection filed by Obenauer. But he still pulls down more than $85,000 a year in retirement benefits along with health insurance for his entire family. Sources, though, say he fled the department in a hurry: he did not seek the permission of the Commissioner to retire, and that means he leaves thousands in bonus incentives behind.

It was neighbors who allegedly blew the whistle on Tedesco after growing sick of seeing his cruiser parked outside Obenauer's home while he should have been working. Internal Affairs interviewed her starting in early February, once even listening in to a phone call as Tedesco allegedly told Obenauer, "Don't F*&K with my family."

Sources say Obenauer, who just finished her last round of chemo for a bout with breast cancer, gave a detailed log of all of Tedesco's "under the covers" visits, along with pictures to Internal Affairs Investigators, but no criminal charges have been filed since the early February Investigation began. Tedesco was briefly suspended, but once he returned to duty, that's when Obenauer sought an order of protection, according to her attorney.

Online, fellow cops are sounding-off about what they call Tedesco's "dirt bag" tactics and how he phonied up an excuse to ring Obenauer's bell and introduce himself last summer, starting the six-months-long fling.

PBA President James Carver conceded, "I don't think there's ever a good time for this to come out, but I hope people don't think every officer is like this. Nassau County has one of the lowest crime rates among municipalities of this size, and it's because of the hard work of our officers."

Tedesco will be hauled back in court in mid-May to face a judge on the restraining order.