Man Accused Of Stabbing His Wife Found Dead In The Street
The trouble began inside an apartment on 39th Place in queens, when police say a man stabbed a woman -- his significant other -- several times. He then ran out of the building barefoot. A neighbor reported that he boarded the #7 train for Manhattan, but the man did not get that far.

41-year old Amis Cale was found on the ground – motionless, surrounded by police on Queens boulevard Thursday morning.

Investigators say the 41-year-old Sunnyside Queens resident took a 50-foot jump off the elevated train tracks at around 9:30 am.

But about 90 minutes before that - he became a murder suspect when police say he stabbed his wife to death inside their apartment on 39th place in front of their teenage daughter.

Elias Suarez is the building superintendent.

“I heard noise – I heard the ambulance come, and neighbors calling the police. So I went up to the scene and saw her lying down in blood. It’s been a terrible tragedy”, Suarez told Pix11.

It's unclear what set off the dispute between the two parents.

But witnesses say after Cale then bolted out of the apartment, and ran away down the block, as police conducted a search – with his daughter’s help.

Suarez continued, “Her daughter was screaming hysterically. She came out with a picture of her father, and showed the picture to police.”

Then came reports that someone jumped off the elevated platform a couple of blocks away.

Both Amis and Jennifer Cale were taken to, and ultimately pronounced dead, at Elmhurst hospital.

Suarez says he's been the building's superintendent for as long as the family has lived in this building and tells us they never have him any trouble - or seemed to have any problems of their own. Clearly, there were serious issues, and now a daughter is without both of her parents.