Police say there is no credibility to a barrage of emails circulating in Nassau County of an impending MS-13 gang initiation where an innocent victim would be randomly singled out to be murdered at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville.

"I actually work in the mall and was nervous that it was going to happen," said Alyssa Meahan who was taking precautions walking in and out of the mall, "I park close so we usually go out in a group."

The emails went viral, even being posted on trusted websites.

Nassau Police quickly got on the case, and confirmed that the rumors were false.

"Our special investigations squad has to check out to see if this has any merit what so over," said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith. "It appears to be another unsubstantiated rumor that, because of the internet, people are spreading pretty quickly like wild fire."

This isn't the first time, false information has spread so rapidly.

There was the child seat warning where women were warned: if you see a disabled motorist with a car seat on the side of the road don't stop to help, there is no baby and the apparently stalled motorist will drag you into woods to be sexually abused.

Another popular one is the flashing lights hoax -- if you see someone driving at night with their lights off, don't flash them because it may be a gang member that will turn around, follow you and slit your throat.

Patrols have been added at the local malls but the heightened security is normal during the holiday shopping season.