'Mad' Maks Gelman Gets More Than The Maximum Sentence

Ward for NY Daily News

He's been called the 'Butcher of Brighton Beach,' 'Mad Maks' and 'The Smirking Slaughterer.' And today Maksim Gelman lived up to all of his notorious nicknames, especially the last one -- smirking and smiling his way through his sentencing, complete with incoherent outbursts.

Brooklyn Judge Vincent DelGuidice dished out what was expected: Four consecutive life sentences and several concurrent ones for a murder spree far more horrendous than most.

"He's the epitome of evil," the boyfriend of one of his victims, Gerard Honig told PIX 11. "He smiled at me in court, laughing at me. He doesn't care, he doesn't care."

Gelman's 28-hour deadly rampage last February began with fatally stabbing his mother's boyfriend and stealing his car, running down a pedestrian and then stabbing to death a woman he was obsessed with, the beautiful Yelena Bulchenko and hacking to death her mother as well.

Her son, Andre Lev, talked in court about how the brutal killings of both his mother and sister has destroyed his life.

"This is a sad day," Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Ken Taub said. "In my 31 years as a prosecutors, I have seen that the victims of these crimes will suffer for the rest of their lives."

Before being sentenced to more than two hundred years, defendant Maksim Gelman made a rambling, disjointed statement saying: "I am not a bad guy, the people I killed were bad. That girl was a heroin addict. My stepfather used to abuse my mother... It's not my fault that these murders happened."

His defense lawyer tried to explain: "It's hard to take anything he says seriously given his state of mind," defense lawyer Ed Friedman said.

Gelman also facing sentencing for the Manhattan side of his crime spree in February. He is expected to be socked with another 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder of a Times Square subway rider.