When you do the math for LIPA, the bottom line is that they are overwhelmed. This morning it's Chief Operating Officer reported 3,000 total damage locations and only 2,300 crews handling the repairs, saying, "We have approximately 270,000 customer outages remaining," said Michael Hervey, LIPA COO.

That figure represents approximately 50% of LIPA customers that lost power. As for the big picture, LIPA won't have power restored to 90% of the areas affected until Friday.

PIX 11 went into the areas of Hicksville and Oyster Bay to look for strike teams trying to restore power. We came across one team that was working while the others were standing around -- which LIPA describes as assessing. We saw a couple of crews on break in a school's parking lot. Another rolled away as soon as we flipped the camera on them.

Then there was one worker with the National Grid taking a snooze while waiting for a part to get to him after his truck broke down. Not surprisingly, frustrated customers came up to us while we were in front of the National Grid complex in Hicksville asking if we'd seen any technicians.

"Is there anyone around here to talk to? We've had our power out for 72 hours. They said they were prepared. All the city is up. Why aren't we up? Awful," said Erick Weinstein as he parked right in front of the National Grid building.

A few yards away, Harold Moore pulled up and shared his frustrations about the LIPA crew working two blocks from his home: "They finished up what they had to do and then they missed the tree two blocks over, and then they left."

Meanwhile, in Oyster Bay, Bill Jones shared what he's seen from LIPA thus far, which is not much at all, "I haven't seen anything done yet. I haven't seen one truck roll through." A few blocks away George Ruben sent a simple but stern message, "It's Long Island. Get the power back on.".