Linda McMahon Defeated In Conn., Menendez Holds Seat In NJ

In the costliest race in Connecticut history, Democratic candidate Chris Murphy defeated Republican Linda McMahon.  It was McMahon’s second loss in a row, and came at a high price.

McMahon spent more than $42 million of her personal fortune – built largely on success developing the WWE with husband Vince McMahon

All told, McMahon lost a combined total of $100 million of her own money in two campaigns, including her 2010 loss to Richard Blumenthal.  It is more than any other candidate in American history, according to Mother Jones Magazine.

In New Jersey, incumbent senator Bob Menendez has also been called a winner tonight, defeating Republican Joe Kyrillos.  Menendez, who was elected to the Senate in 2006, won a second term thanks to a successful last-minute fundraising campaign.  Kyrillos also had top-level support in the form of Gov. Chris Christie.

While New York’s 29 electoral votes are assured to end up in Barack Obama’s corner.  In the Senate race, NBC has already projected Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand as the winner against Republican Wendy Long.