LI Man Charged With Impersonating A Soldier At JFK Airport
A Long Island man has been arrested after impersonating military personnel while on an international American Airlines flight.

According to authorities, Rock Diaz, 22, of Freeport, Long Island was arrested Friday night at John F. Kennedy airport.

Diaz, who was traveling from the Domincan Republic to New York, arrived to the airport dressed in fatigues.

While making his way through customs, a Port Authority official inquired about his rank in the Army. Diaz then gave an answer, according to reports, that did not match up to the insignia on his uniform. He claimed to be an "E-5" but his patch showed he was a staff sergeant, which is an "E-6."

Diaz also wore a black POW patch on his sleeve, which no real soldier would place there, the New York Post reported.

When asked where he was stationed, Diaz had no response. He also could not show a military ID to corroborate his story. He was later detained at the airport.

Diaz is being charged with second-degree impersonation.