Leiby's Killer Sentenced: 40 Years To Life
40-years to life in prison. That’s what Borough Park, Brooklyn resident Levi Aron has to look forward to for kidnapping, murdering – and then dismembering 8-year old Leiby Kletkzy last July.

The sentence – handed down today in Brooklyn Criminal court – will by no means make it any easier for the boy’s Orthodox Jewish community to cope with this tragedy.

But for the Kletzky’s – it was the least painful option.

State Assemblymen Dov Hikind, acting as the family’s spokesman…says reliving this crime in vivid detail – during a trial…simply would have been too much.

“I think what the family is interested in more than anything else – that after today, the spotlight of this tragedy, go away – in terms of the public. Because every time the story appears, the pain that it causes family – this is an amazing family”, said Hikind.

The 36-year old hardware store worker plead guilty to second degree kidnapping and second degree murder – through a deal reached earlier this summer with prosecutors.

Aron admitted to snatching Kletzky while he was walking home alone from his first day of camp.

Aron told prosecutors after taking the boy to a wedding in upstate New York, he brought him back to his Borough Park home…and panicked when he saw missing person fliers with Leiby’s face on them.

Aron says he first drugged, then suffocated Leiby, dismembered – and then disposed of the boy’s body.

The case set off a massive manhunt within the close knit Orthodox Jewish community.

Defense attorney Howard Greenberg says ultimately his client will have to atone for what he’s done.

I think if he is not protected while he’s in jail - he’ll be murdered. His maker will decide his level of contrition”, said Greenberg.

During his time in Jail on Rikers Island, Aron been in protective custody – in his cell 23 hours a day.