Father Of Slain Brooklyn Boy Files $100M Suit Against Alleged Killer
The father of a Brooklyn boy who was killed and butchered after he got lost walking home from camp filed a $100 million lawsuit Monday against the child's accused killer.

According to the lawsuit, Nachman Kletzky, father of 8-year-old victim Leiby Kletzky, is demanding millions in punitive damages from suspect Levi Aron, the man charged in the child's murder.

The suit, file din Brooklyn Supreme Court, claims Aron's actions were "utterly reckless, malicious, wanton, willful and exhibited a depraved indifference to the health, safety, freedom and rights," of the victim.

In addition to the lawsuit against the alleged killer, Kletzky filed a second suit against Aron's father, claiming he provided the "tools of terror to be and remain at said premises, knowing of the vicious, assaultive and murderous propensities of his son, Levi Aron, who resided at said premises."

Jack Aron is listed as the owner of the East 2nd Street home in Brooklyn where the gruesome murder took place.

On July 11th, Leiby Kletzky left his day camp on 44th Street in Borough Park, Brooklyn and was supposed to meet his mother seven blocks away. The only son in a family of five sisters, Leiby missed a turn and kept walking straight along 44th Street. He asked 35 year old Levi Aron for directions. Surveillance video showed Aron taking the 8 year old to his metallic gold Honda.

In the early hours of Wednesday, July 13th, police showed up at Aron's attic apartment in the Kensington section of Brooklyn, and Aron gestured to a refrigerator, where he had stored some of the boy's dismembered remains. Aron told police that he panicked, when he saw the massive search that was underway for the missing boy, so he killed the child by drugging and then smothering him.

Aron has been charged with first degree murder. Aron's lawyers have indicated that they will pursue an insanity defense.

Aron's defense lawyers in the criminal action have indicated they will pursue an insanity defense.