Records Reveal High Rate Of Drunk Drivers Traveling With Children
Leandra's Law, a state bill prompted by tragedy, appears to be doing its job.

According to state records, the law which makes driving drunk with children in the car a felony, has busted as many as 248 drivers in New York since its introduction in Dec. 2009.

In a breakdown of the state's 62 counties, 48 have reported Leandra Law arrests - that's nearly 80% of New York state.

Suffolk County tops the list of biggest offenders with 33 arrests, while Erin County in upstate New York recorded the second highest with 23. New York City has had a total of 6 Leandra Law arrests.

The startling numbers were released nine months to the day a horrific fatal accident took place on the Henry Hudson Parkway that inspired the legislation.

11-year-old Leandra Rosado was one of seven young passengers who boarded a Mercury Sable on the night of October 11 2009. The vehicle's driver, Carmen Huertas, 33, lost control of the car while reportedly driving 68 mph in a 50 mph zone along the parkway.

Five of the children, which included Huertas' own daughter and 14-month-old son, were reportedly not buckled into their seats at the time of the crash.

Rosado was in cardiac arrest when medical personnel arrived and was later pronounced dead at St. Luke's Hospital. According to prosecutors, Huertas had a blood alcohol level of .132, more than three times the legal limit.