Accused Killer's Parents Keep Custody of Dead Mom's Sons
The parents of accused killer, Kashif Parvaiz, who's charged with setting up his wife to be fatally shot by his mistress, are keeping temporary custody of the dead woman's young sons.

Talat and Shafiq Hassan of Flatbush, Brooklyn hurried from Family Court on Jay Street, after Judge Michael Katz ruled they must allow the New Jersey family of the murdered Nazish Noorani to have the two boys for weekend visits, starting this Friday.

Attorney, Freda Khan who's fighting to transfer custody to the dead woman's older sister said 5-year old, Riyaan, the victim's older son, has become extremely withdrawn and even refused to play with other children at a recent gathering.

The lawyer quoted the little boy saying, "If I would leave my seat, they would kill me the way they killed my mother."

Kashif Parvaiz is accused of orchestrating the murder of his wife on a street in Boonton, New Jersey, when the couple left the home of Noorani"s sister, after a Ramadan observance. Noorani was pushing their 3 year old son, Shayan, in a stroller, when Antoinette Stephen of Boston shot her multiple times, giving Parvaiz a superficial wound in the leg.

Police said the co-conspirators, Stephen and Parvaiz, were trying to make the shooting look like a race bias attack.

The lawyer for the dead woman pressed the Family Court judge to change the custody arrangements, saying of the Hassan family, "There is a history of criminal misconduct and a history of domestic violence...It's not a healthy household for these children to be in."

Parvaiz's father denied in court there's ever been any police involvement with his family in Brooklyn. The lawyer for Noorani's family appealed to the judge again, "I'm saying their son is currently incarcerated, facing premeditated murder charges of the children's mother. The children need to be transferred to the mother's family," Freda Khan argued.

But Judge Katz reserved decision until another hearing later this month. He appointed attorney Dawn Post from The Children's Law Center to represent the boys' interest. Post told the judge she wants to observe the little boys interacting with both families.

So, for now, the sons remain in Flatbush, with 5-year old Riyaan enrolled in kindergarten at Public School 152, while his father sits in the Morris County Correctional Facility in New Jersey.