After pleading guilty to raping an underage girl and sexually assaulting two others, former juvenile counselor Tony Simmons walked into court Monday expecting a lenient plea deal of probation without jail time -- only to find out that Supreme Court Judge Cassandra Mullen had changed her mind.

Mullen assured the court that pressure from the media, victims and various other groups had not sparked the change of heart, but rather it was the complete lack of regret in Simmons' statements during pre-sentencing interviews.

Instead of the 10 months probation Mullen had promised in September, he now faces three years jail time, or the option of recanting his guilty plea and going before a jury.

"This defendant does not admit his guilt, and more alarming, has no understanding that his conduct was wrong. And perhaps most outrageously blames the victims, demonstrating a depravity that shocks the conscience of this court," Mullens reportedly said.

According to the NY Post, Simmons said in a statement after raping one girl she told him, ""'Thanks I needed that,' -- like she enjoyed it."

Simmons is due back in court December 15, and will now have to chose between three years jail time or a new trial.