Jay-Z and Kanye West At MTV VMAs

Jay-Z was left unimpressed (above) by Chris Brown's performance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards that had others, like "Watch The Thone" buddy Kanye West, on their feet cheering on the R&B pop star. (MTV / August 28, 2011)

Chris Brown danced his skinny jeans off, flew over the audience and did some impressive lip synching at Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards ... but it apparently wasn't enough to impress Jay-Z.

MTV cameras caught a very subdued Jay as he remained still and visibly uninterested throughout Breezy's exhilarating performance where he danced to what appeared to be his own custom version of the evolution of dance.

A day later, many are speculating why?

Could it be sour grapes over the assault on Hov's little sister/discovered artist, Rihanna? Could it stem from Brown's almost 2-year-old tweet where he allegedly called Jay a "corn ball." OR could it be the fact that Jay isn't in to dudes who run around town getting corny tattoos, swear by skinny jeans, have an obsession with fallen Dru Hill star Sisqo, trash morning show greenrooms and make you feel very uncomfortable while doing the dougie? The world may never know.

To add on to the mystery. On Monday, Jay-Z, sent out a very cryptic tweet simply saying "Chris Brown."


What does it all mean???

***UPDATE: Jay-Z or whoever is manning his Twitter account just deleted the random "Chris Brown" tweet. The plot thickens! (CUE MUSIC)