Every time someone is rushed to the hospital by a Nassau County police ambulance, it means more money for the cash-strapped county.

On Feb. 1st, Nassau County essentially doubled the fees it charges patients for the ride to the emergency room. A basic lifesaving trip jumped from $400 bucks to a $1,000

Advance life support 1 in the ambulance went from $550 to $1,200, and advanced life support 2 from $650 to $1250.

Even additional mileage charges went up from $6 per mile to $15.

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano promises that the new charges are not the equivalent of adding insult to injury.

"This is in line with Rockland County," said Mangano, adding, "For years Nassau has left too much on the table."

Carol Krantz was visiting her husband Thursday at the Nassau University Medical Center. He slipped on the ice, injuring his head and back, but he won't be billed the higher rates because that accident happened over the weekend.

"We're lucky and we don't have to pay that fine, but what about the poor guy that is hurt or injured after February first? They have no recourse, nobody has any recourse -- you're just billed. To try and get revenue for a medical emergency is utterly ridiculous."

The county hopes the new rates will add up to an extra $8 million in revenue.