It was revealed Friday that 33-year-old David Laffer, the accused gunman in the 'Medford Pharmacy Massacre', was indicted by a Suffolk County, New York, Grand Jury.

He is accused in connection with the quadruple fatal drugstore killings on Father's Day.

Police searched his Pitchpine Place neighborhood today hunting for additional evidence.

Detectives say the killer was caught on surveillance video when he walked into the suburban Long Island drug store to steal prescription pain pills, and ended up gunning down 2 store employees and 2 customers.

Laffer did not appear in court today but his attorney addressed the media after learning of her client's indictment.

Mary Elizabeth Abbate suggested Laffer is not suicidal but should be kept in protective custody for his own safety.

The Grand Jury indictment against Laffer remains sealed, so the specific charges won't be publicly known possibly until Friday. Abbate expects Laffer will be indicted for all four murders plus robbery and weapons charges.

Laffer's wife, Melinda Brady, who cops say drove the getaway car, was also arrested in connection with the quadruple killings.

So far, she has not been indicted by the Grand Jury. Abbate suggested Brady could be co-operating with police hoping to cut a deal.

Published reports claim she told cops that killing was not part of the plan, a plan she was involved in designing.

The victims ranged in age from 17 to 71. According to published reports, authorities were able to track down Laffer after he left a fingerprint at the pharmacy.

Investigators believe Laffer, a licensed gun holder, used his own .45 to kill the victims.

The Medford Massacre becomes Long Island's worst mass shooting since Colin Ferguson killed six and wounded 19 others during his 1993 LIRR rampage.

Laffer is being held without bail. His next court date has not been announced.