The suspected "Ice Pick Mugger" was apparently busted for violating his parole.

John Martinez, 39, caught the NYPD's eye when an anonymous tipster said Martinez was reponsible for the muggings, and when one of the victims picked his photo out of an album. The tipster said Martinez may be at his mother's home in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

The NYPD Parole Division went searching for him and, over the weekend, a man matching Martinez and the mugger's description was arrested in Cliffside Park.

Police say the so-called "Ice Pick Mugger" has made a series of bold attacks where he pulls out an ice pick and threatens to kill women if they don't give up their valuables.

He attacked three times last month in Co-op City in the Bronx, and then struck another three times in the Stuyvesant Town - Peter Cooper Village development on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Some of those attacks he carried out within minutes of each other.

Officers with the Bergen County Sherriff's Office arrested Martinez in Cliffside Park after he assaulted a cop. He was scheduled to appear before a judge Monday at the Bergen County Jail on a charge of aggravated assault of a police officer. He also faces a possession of a controlled substance charge.

NYPD also want to extradite him from New Jersey lock-up for a police line-up. NYPD detectives also intend on interviewing about the muggings, according to law enforcement sources

PIX 11 News learned Martinez is an ex-convict with a lengthy rap sheet. He was placed on conditional parole in September after serving over eight years in prison for an August 2001 robbery in Westchester County.

Conditions of his parole required Martinez to remain in New York and not to leave his residence between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

No injuries were reported in any of those robberies.