Police have determined that a Long Island house fire Tuesday morning was intentionally set and the three dead victims found inside were shot.

Two badly burned bodies were identified as Katrice Daniels, 31, and Luis Calixto, 19. The identity of the third victim, a female, is still unknown. The bodies were found in the rear part of 46 Hickory Street. All three suffered gunshot wounds.

Police did not comment on the fire other than stating it was arson.

Calixto's mother, Yolonda De Jesus, speculated that the unidentifed woman is probably her son's 20-something girlfriend.

A six-year-old child, who was sleeping in the home's garage converted bedroom, awoke when he smelled smoke and heard his sister coughing. He is credited with saving his two-year-old sister's life. The children exited through a side door and were found standing outside of their burning home when firefighters arrived.

Though the garage was the least damaged part of the house, the six-year-old's quick action probably saved his and his sister's lives.

Neighbors stated they were very surprised that the flames accelerated so quickly, engulfing the house.

Daniel Sullivan, 43, who lives a block away and witnessed the fire said, "Every window, every doorway, flames were shooting out. There was no way you could have even attempted to get in there."

Another neighbor, Jesse Scott, said the house was up in flames in "a matter of seconds."

The two-story house was completely gutted and suffered extensive fire and water damage. The house did not have any previous code violations.

The children were not injured, but were taken to an area hospital for examination. Child Protective Services have also been contacted.

Tuesday's early morning fire was reported at 5:37am and was declared under control by 6:37am. Firefighters from nearby towns of Islip Terrace, Hauppague, Brentwood, Lakeland and East Brentwood helped fight the blaze.

Neighbors suspected that police thought the fire was suspcious because they saw homicide and arson investigators on the scene. Several brown bags of evidence were also removed.