Four Men Invade Queens Home, Attack 2 Men With Knife



September 16, 2009



Two men were attacked and injured by four knife-wielding, gun-toting masked assailants during an early morning Queens home invasion Wednesday.

At about 12:45am, police say four black men wearing bandanas over their faces bursted into a three- story home located at 110-27 157th Street in Jamaica. They say two of the men were armed with guns and at least one of the intruders had a knife.

During the invasion, one man in the home was stabbed in the back and another man was slashed in the hand. No shot were fired during the incident. Police said at least one of the injured victims lives at the two-family home.

Some individuals, who appeared to live at the invaded home, arrived in a car hours after the incident occurred. They were questioned by police and and some items were taken from their person as evidence.

Police are in the process of determining if any items were stolen from the home in order to definitely classify the home invasion as either a robbery or attempted robbery.

The two victims were transported to Jamaica Hospital, where they are listed in stable condition.

Neighbors and police officers told PIX News that this section of Jamaica is typically quiet and any crime in the area is unusual.

A manhunt is underway for the four suspects.