'Holmies' Create Tumblr Blogs Devoted To Colorado Shooting Suspect

The "Dark Knight" shooter, James Holme,s has a strange new following on the internet. They call themselves the "holmies", dedicating themselves to creating original artwork along with photos of themselves wearing plad t-shirts and drinking Slurpees. 


At a glance, this blog is a group of teens, innocently wearing plad and all share the common interest of slurpies, but at a more careful look, it is a clear tribute to James Holmes, the suspect in the largest mass shooting in U.S history.


Much of the artwork is posted on the blogging site Tumblr, along with inside jokes and a growing fan community. One drawing shows Holmes, wearing flannel and holding a Slurpee, surrounded by the message “Remember Holmies, to love and tolerate ‘cause haters gonna hate.” 


Holmes was reported to be wearing a flannel before he put on the body armor, minutes before the massacre. In a video of Holmes, he addresses his science camp at the age of 18, saying that his dream is own a slurpee machine one day. 


"Should I change my blog’s name to jimbos plaid slurpee shirt? It’s catchy and is basically the epitome of who he is. Lol.  It’s just a plaid shirt with Slurpees on it. Beautiful."


But along with the legions of fans, Tumblr reveals several outraged bloggers, disturbed by the shooter's following.  


"Supporting a person who has brutally murdered people, some of them children, is just disgusting."


Whether these posts be genuine or ironic, these bloggers are playing with fire.