Patchogue Hate Crime Suspect: "I Stabbed Him."
Damaging testimony was given today against Jeffrey Conroy, the teen on trial for the hate crime murder of an Ecuadorean immigrant in Riverhead, .

Suffolk Police Officer Michael Richardsen testified that when he stopped Conroy and 6 other teens moments after Marcelo Lucero was stabbed on a Patchogue street in 2008, Conroy made a stunning admission.

"He said, 'I have a blade on me,'" Richardsen said the suspect told him, "He paused for a minute and he said 'I stabbed him.'"

Conroy, now 19, has pleaded not guilty.

Four of his co-defendants took plea deals to hate crime related charges and could testify against him.

Lucero, 37, first arrived in the United States when he was 21. The night of the fatal stabbing he was walking at night with a friend, when the group of teens arrived, surrounding him.

His friend got away, but Lucero was trapped and tried to fight back by swinging his belt buckle at the attackers, before being stabbed in the chest.