Police are investigating and searching for suspects after somebody torched three cars and scrawled anti-semitic symbols on a van and some adjacent public park benches on Ocean Parkway in Midwood, Brooklyn. What's also happening in the wake of this hate crime, some may describe as paranoia.

At the scene of the crimes somebody placed dozens and dozens of copies of a flier which names a suspect and calls for a protest against him, along with a phone number for more information about a planned protest. PIX11 News called the number, which connects to a recording.

"Neo-Nazis have opened a new headquarters in Flatbush near Ocean Parkway," a male voice says. The recording goes on to identify a man who it claims is the neo-Nazi ringleader. It even gives his address. When PIX11 News visited the basement apartment at the address, a man answered, but would not open the door.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Have a nice day," was his only response. PIX11 News confirmed that a man with the same name as a person who describes himself as a white supremacist on various websites lives at the address listed on the flier circulating around the Midwood and Gravesend neighborhoods of Brooklyn. PIX11 News cannot confirm that the person who spoke at the home is that man.

Whoever is at that home is currently slated to have uninvited and unhappy guests in front of his home next Sunday afternoon. The flier calls for a protest to be held outside of the man's listed address. Police sources tell PIX11 News that they don't anticipate violence, but are keeping tabs on the man who sent out the flier, Rabbi Hananiah Elbaz. They also say that detectives interviewed the man who is accused on the flier as a Neo-Nazi and found no cause to conclude he was engaged in any illegal activity, let alone that he was a suspect in the car fires and vandalism, as the flier claims.

Police sources also say they are prepared for a Sunday protest, but don't anticipate a big crowd. PIX11 News reached Rabbi Elbaz Monday evening. He said by phone that he expects many people to show up at the home he listed on the flier.

"He is a neo-nazi," Elbaz told PIX11 News, adding that the resident sends and receives many parcels at his home, which PIX11 News confirmed. "It's an office," Elbaz said. "It's illegal to have an office [zoned for] a home. We want him evicted."

Police sources tell PIX11 News that there has been no complaint about the man who is listed on the flier, either from his landlord or neighbors, and that he is considered a good tenant by his landlord.