'Growing Pains' Star Andrew Koenig Found Dead
A body found in a Vancouver park is that of former 'Growing Pains' star Andrew Koenig, officials confirmed Thursday.

Actor Andrew Koenig, 41, was reported missing by his parents after he missed a flight to Los Angeles from Vancouver last week after visiting friends.

Vancouver police confirmed a body was found in Stanley Park around noon.

Fans and relative alike gathered together over the last week in search of Koenig, who reportedly vanished on Valentine's Day and then missed a flight home to Los Angeles two days later.

Shortly after Koenig vanished, cops said the actor had suffered from depression and had sent a letter to his father that gave the family reason for concern.

Some of his friends in Hollywood -- including Alyssa Milano, Kevin Smith, Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Silverman -- used their Twitter accounts to voice concern about the actor's whereabouts.

Koening was born on August 17, 1968 and was best known for his role as Richard "Boner" Stabone on the ABC sitcom "Growing Pains" and played Kirk Cameron's best friend. Koenig later went on to work as an actor, film director, editor and writer.