Grieving Mother Supports Stop Frisk, But Says City Could Have Done More

Stop-and-frisk is arguably the most controversial issue Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Commissioner Ray Kelly must contend with at City Hall.  According to the NYCLU there is plenty of it going on.  Nearly 700,000 stop-and-frisk stops were executed in 2011. 

The opposition is robust.  However, there are many supporters.  One grieving proponent showed up Thursday afternoon shortly before 3 p.m. at the Caribe Funeral Home in Brooklyn. 

"My whole family is destroyed. That is what it is.  I'll never have my son back, " said Natasha Christopher as she prepared to attend the wake of her son Akeal wake. The 14-year old was shot in the head on June 27th at the intersection of Evergreen Avenue and Cornelia Street in Bushwick.  He died days later on July 10th.  It was his 15th birthday.

On the night Akeal was shot, he had just celebrated his graduation from middle school.   His life was about to blossom.  Now only flowers on a memorial wreath bloom in his memory.

Natasha was heartbroken and filled with anger,  "It's just hard. They need to do something. Oh God it's just a rough day," said Christopher as she battled back emotions. 

The 37-year-old feels that if the NYPD had orchestrated more stop-and-frisks in the area where Akeal was shot he would be alive today. For this she directs the blame at two people, "Bloomberg and Commissioner Ray Kelly," she said, while quickly adding, "I don't think my son got any justice.  My son was shot in the back of his head and I didn't see Bloomberg visit me, I didn't see Ray Kelly. I feel they treated my son like he was just another black kid.

As another young future falls to the violence of the city, the debate of stop-and-frisk only continues.