It's been weeks since the Great Neck intruder last hit, but there's still an uneasy feeling hanging over the neighborhoods that surround the Kings Point preserve.

"I don't know why he is so elusive," said a nervous Barbara Golden. "It's concerning, especially because he breaks in while people are home."

After the break-ins in December and January, some fear that police gave up on finding the bold intruder who has even approached children while they slept.

The suspect is a man DNA has linked to a violent beating in Hempstead and a kidnaping and rape of little girl in Texas.

"We have absolutely not forgotten about him," Kings Point Police Commissioner Jack Miller told PIX 11 News.  Miller says they continue blanket the area every night with extra patrols.

Just this past Tuesday, Nassau and Kings Point Police pounced when they thought the intruder resurfaced.

"They had a suspicious person in a commercial area and we went up and assisted and it turned out it wasn't what we were looking for." said Miller.

Police are worried that the intruder may no longer be in the area, but still police are urging residents to not let down their guard.

It was a home surveillance system that caught the suspect in a backyard in early February and got cops within inches of an arrest, a foot chase that ended once again in the preserve.

"He is a bad person and we want to get him off the street." said Miller.

Until then, police want people to keep locking their doors and windows, setting their alarms and surveillance cameras and not hesitating to report any thing suspicous.