What's Next For Gloria Cain?
The general consensus is that the "Cain Train" has come to a stop.

Herman Cain is not the first presidential candidate to be dogged by allegations of adultery or harassment. Nor will he be the last.

Who can forget the likes of Donna Rice? Remember the "Love Boat" both she and Gary Hart sailed on. There was also "Clinton Angels," Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky.

In 2011, it's "Herman's Harem," as he brings Sharon Bialek, Ginger White, and a slew of undisclosed to the dance. However, the one woman who isn't doing much talking is the one that Cain has been married to for 43 years, Gloria Cain.

Should this come as a surprise? Fred Siegel, a divorce attorney who has handled several high profile and high dollar cases doesn't think so because, "There is probably still hope that he has a chance to win the Republican nomination. So the instruction from Camp Cain to the wife -- be quiet."

While Gloria Cain may not be talking publicly, privately may prove to be a different story, "I wouldn't be surprised if Mrs. Cain is already talking to divorce counsel to finds what her rights are," said Siegel.

As for her financial future? Can she profit off a tell-all? The short answer is yes, both hers as well as any by her husband Herman, "Well she'd certainly wants to make sure that any agreement she reaches with Mr. Cain provides that she gets a percentage of whatever he makes from books, movies, and any kind of deals he has."

Wives who have been cheated, then opt to stand by their man is nothing new, it's been happening for years, "There may be some marriages an some relationships that may be done out of convenience, said Basil Smikle a political strategist who has worked with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

During a stroll in between classes at Columbia University, where he teaches, Smikle stressed that from this point forward for Cain and his wife, it's all about communication, "It's really a conversation that happens between a husband and wife and what they want to do moving forward." However, Smikle quickly added, that Cain flying back to Atlanta speaks volumes as to where the relationship is at a month before the Iowa caucus, "The fact that he has to go to her is very telling."

Separately, Cain's website also made news on Friday. Chalk it up to bad timing or more unconventional politics, but today the Cain campaign launched it's "Women for Cain" coalition. Its Chairwoman? None other than, Gloria Cain.