Girlfriend Who Took DUI Crash Rap Apologizes

DWI charges against Sophia Anderson will be dropped on Friday and Suffolk County prosecutors said she may even be asked to testify against her now ex-boyfriend, Daniel Sajewski.  Anderson spoke to reporters on Thursday, providing her version of events on the night of May 28, 2012, while also apologizing for her role.

“I want to apologize to Helen Indiere and her sister Virginia Bennet, who were innocently sleeping inside their home the night of the accident.  I understand my statement to the police that night caused confusion and seriously complicated the police investigation,” explained a tearful Anderson.

Anderson said she told police that night that she was the one driving a Mercedes Benz when it went through the home of two elderly sisters in Huntington.  Just two days later, however, Anderson told her parents and then her attorney that it was Sajewski who was behind the wheel.  Anderson said Sajewski convinced her to take the heat because he had a lengthy criminal history and couldn’t afford to get into any more trouble.  

“I feel betrayed by a man who I was in love with and lived with for two years 57 I feel Dan manipulated me and took advantage of our relationship,” said Anderson.

Anderson’s parents were by her side as she told reporters she was seeking counseling for alcohol abuse, got a new job and moved in with parents in an effort to clean up her life. 

Anderson still faces charges of obstruction and conspiracy for misleading the police.  Sajewski was charged Wednesday and is currently being held on bail.  His attorney told Pix11 Sajewski denies all the allegations against him.