Fugitive Nabbed In Connection with 17-Year-Old Robbery



6:20 PM EDT, May 17, 2010



Authorities tracked down a fugitive wanted in connection with a Long Island bank robbery that took place 17 years ago.

Officials say the unidentified man fled to Jamaica following the heist, and was nabbed while attempting to renew a driver's license he had previously registered using the name of a dead man. According to police, employees at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles became suspicious when the suspect misspelled the name of the deceased man during the renewal process.

It was described as the most stunning robberies in Nassau County.

"The suspects entered the bank, displayed weapons, placed all the customers and all the employees of the bank on the floor," Nassau Chief of Detectives Steven Skryencki told PIX 11 News. "They then jumped over the counter and directed one of the tellers to open up the vault.

The suspects involved in the robbery -- which occurred on March 8, 1993 at an EAB in Lake Success -- made off with $240,000.

A bank teller and another men were arrested a few days following the robbery for conspiring to rob an armored car that was delivering money to the bank. The cash was never recovered

Nadine Smith, 23, of Queens and Norman Palmer, 21, of Baldwin, were arrested shortly after the incident. Smith was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison for robbery. Palmer, who was convicted on the same charge was sentenced to 6 to 12 years.

Police are still looking for a fourth man in connection with the incident.

"We don't forget and we never give up," said Chief Skryencki was one of the original detectives on the case.