Father Accused of Theft In Son's School Board Campaign
The tactics of smear campaigns and political fist fighting are seen in governmental elections, but, in Syosset, it's all about the school board elections.

An 18-year-old high school senior is trying to score a seat on the board and become the youngest person in history to be elected. However, it's all being overshadowed by his father's actions and a recent automated message sent out by the school district.

"I walk outside the security guard shouted for me, I answered him, he went inside and I got in my car," says Jeffrey Lafazan.

That is Jefferey Lafazan's version of the story after he walked into the Syosset administration building and asked for a copy of the list of voters who sent in absentee ballots for the school board election. The list, by the way, is public record.

However, the school district has a very different account, and sent out an automated message to every parent in the school district using the system they usually use for emergencies like school lockdowns. Here is a snippet of the robo-call.

"This is the Sysosset school board calling to inform you of a breach of confidentiality, when Jeffrey Lafazan unlawfully removed district records. A pursuit ensued, the resident escaped with the records."

Lafazan says that is ridiculous. He says he walked to his car, went to a meeting and then home. He says he never ran from anyone, and didn't know taking the list was a problem since they willingly handed it over to him.

"If they really wanted the list back, why didn't they just call me?"

All of this comes as the district gets ready to vote, and eighteen-year old Joshua Lafazan tries to win over the incumbent board who was been there for six years. He says they have overblown the school budget, and wants change – and calls this whole robo-call nonsense. He also believes this was a last ditch effort by the board to try and deter voters from launching him into history.

The district had a "no comment" for PIX11 today about why they bothered to send out the mass message on the emergency system, when they knew who had the list all along. Lafazan, by the way, was at home and says no police officer came to his house at all and he willingly returned the list once he heard the message.

The polls close at ten tonight.