Putting themselves at risk to help others is something every firefighter understands. Now, Engine 90 in the Bronx has earned another badge of honor for protecting a teenage girl who was robbed and attacked.

Ronny Fuentes was one of the firefighters that went up and beyond the call of duty Saturday around 8:30pm. on Pelham Parkway, when he found out about a 15-year-old girl. who was being attacked. "He assaulted her and ripped her chain off," Ronny said, adding the suspect also shoved the teenager to the ground.

And that's when Ladder 41 crew sprung into action.

"I started running after him. We got him and pinned him up against the fence," Ronny recalled.

He said they kept him pinned against the fence until police arrived. The girl did get her necklace back, thanked the firefighters, and walked away with just a couple of cuts and bruises. Lt. James Congema says the whole ordeal is a testament of a firefighter's instinct.

"It's not something we normally do. We aren't trained that way. They didn't know if this man was armed or how dangerous he was," the lieutenant said. "It was just instinct that kicked in, and our need to help people."

Edited By Michelle Robinson