Controversial Etiquette Class For Female Constituents Canceled After Uproar



5:47 PM EDT, July 3, 2012



New York State Senator Marty Golden planned to hold a Polished Professional event that focused on feminine presence and etiquette for his female constituents who needed help looking for a job, but the event was later cancel after coming under fire by critics.

"I can't imagine a woman receiving that email and feeling good about it. It's handshakes, how to walk down stairs, Miss America Pageant type stuff," said Jill Filipovic, founder of political blog, Feministe.

Just last week, taxpayer-funded fliers were sent to his female constituents in Brooklyn. The flier detailed an event that would be hosted by an etiquette expert. Women, who are currently seeking work, were encouraged to attend. Handshakes, introductions and proper posture were among the skills that would be taught.

Filipovic said Golden seems out of touch and should focus more on policy change.

"There are a tin of things working women need to change like more affordable child care and closing the wage gap. All things Golden is not dealing with," said Filipovic.

As late as Monday, Senator Golden's spokesperson went on record and said the goal of the went was to help young women land jobs.

Then today, when we asked for a comment, he sent over a prepared statement. Buried in the paragraph was indicated that the Senator decided to cancel the event that was set to be held at Bay Ridge Manor on July 24.

"Our upcoming event, which we have chosen not to hold, is similar to ones being organized by other elected officials..." said spokesperson, John Quaglione.

Golden's office though, would not give a reason why.