A Family's Nightmare: "He's Not Just A Person Lying In A Pool Of Blood. He Was Our Brother And We Loved Him."
The family of Steven Ercolino is heartbroken, and they want everyone to know about their loss.

"He just loved life," Paul Ercolino told PIX11's Magee Hickey. "He lit up a room."

The Ercolino family couldn't believe the graphic and gruesome pictures of Steven Ercolino lying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood after being shot to death outside his office near the Empire State Building.

"I was devastated to see those pictures," Paul Ercolino said, fighting back tears. "What has the world come to. A person lying in a pool of blood on the front page. It's sickening and disgraceful."

Ercolino added: "He's not a person lying in a pool blood. He was our brother and we loved him."

Everybody just loved Ercolino, according to his big brother, and he was devoted to his girlfriend and his nieces and nephews. His brother said Steve never talked about work, or about the fired employee that bore a two-year-old grudge and returned to the office to shoot him dead.

Ercolino said he and his brother never talked about work. "We always talked about what brothers talk about, the Mets and Jets and kids."

But, as this family deals with the tragedy, they are grateful to many.

"I heard there was a construction worker. I want to find him and thank him for telling police about the gunman," Ercolino said. "And I also want to thank police. They acted the way they had to," Ercolino added.

Paul's father had an equally tough day, identifying his son's remains at the New York City Medical Examiner's Office.

Edited By Michelle Robinson