Tonight in Westchester County pumps are working overtime siphoning off all that water left behind by Hurricane Irene. In Westchester, Monday meant recovering from the aftermath of Irene.

The Village of Bronxville was among the locations hit hard by flooding. For many residents near Pondfield Road Monday meant wading through waterlogged basements, trying to salvage whatever they could.

Greg Gilliam from Bronxville told PIX 11 News how he's keeping it all in perspective after his basement was flooded with feet of water from the Bronx River which burst its banks thanks to Hurricane Irene, "Well, I've seen a lot worse in life. So this is okay. This is just stuff."

Firefighters from the Town of Eastchester worked from morning into the early evening helping grateful Bronxville residents pump out the water from over two dozen soaked homes.

Captain Richard Dempsey of the Town of Eastchester Fire Department told PIX 11 News tonight "The Eastchester Fire Department has responded to approximately 400 calls of service throughout the town in the last 24 hours or so."

They were helping people with flooded basements like Kurt Fuchs. He lost his boiler, his washing machine, his dryer and some brand new appliances to the flood.

Carol Holley suffered flood damage too, and for her it's the second time since 2007. She told PIX 11 News "It smells and its dirty and everything's all over the place." She's hoping her flood insurance will help foot the repair bill, but her deductible, like that of many residents, is very high.