New PSA On Drunk Driving Remembers Katie Flynn



9:33 AM EDT, April 13, 2010



In the most jarring few seconds of the public service announcement, set of headlights approaches us, bigger and bigger and then the head on crash, and then screams, and then darkness.

It was July 2, 2005, following a family wedding in which 7-year-old Katie Flynn was a flower girl. Katie and her family were being driven home in a limousine by 59-year-old Stanley Rabinowitz when they were struck head on by a pickup truck driven by 25-year-old Martin Heidgen.

Rabinowitz was killed instantly, the limo split in half by the force of the crash.

Young Katie also died, and once again the world saw the human cost of drunken driving.

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The accident also resulted in a murder conviction for Heidgen, whose blood alcohol levels tested at three and half times the legal limit. He is currently serving 18 years to life behind bars.

Katie's parents, Neil and Jennifer, now appear in a set of PSAs sponsored by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

"Every time you get behind the wheel drunk, you put us all at risk," says Neil Flynn at the conclusion of the announcement."Could you live with yourself if you murdered my daughter."

The Flynns and Commissioner David Swarts of the Department of Motor Vehicles spoke to the PIX 11 News about their hopes for this new and powerful campaign.

Mr. Flynn told PIX 11 News, "The goal is to prevent other people from suffering what we suffered. If we can stop someone from getting behind the wheel and killing someone elses child, it is something we are compelled to do."