Police say a man who crashed his car and then opened fire on a volunteer firefighter was on his way to carry out a shooting spree.

The bizarre incident unraveled at around 9:55 p.m. Tuesday when am unidentified man crashed near the intersection of Bellmore and Claxton Avenues in Bellmore, Long Island.

When a 20 year-old volunteer firefighter showed up to try and help the injured driver of the truck, that driver shot at the firefighter, according to police. He got off at least four shots, hitting the firefighter in the back or side.

Nassau County cops also responded, and when they saw what had happened to the firefighter and realized the driver of the pickup was armed, they fired at him.

"I heard about six shots," Freddie Vuckovic told PIX 11 News. He lives at the intersection of Bellmore and Claxton Avenues, about fifty yards from where both shootings took place. "I saw the fire engine... I came out and they were all ducking."

The pickup truck driver died on the scene from his gunshot wounds. Police did say, however, that during a search of the vehicle and the suspect’s person they discovered an arsenal of guns: a rifle strapped to his chest, a semi-automatic pistol in his pocket, a long-barreled revolver on his lap, extra ammunition strapped to his forearm and a TEC-9 in close reach.

Police cruisers, detectives and crime scene tape remained on the scene past 6:30 a.m. Wednesday as an investigation into the double shooting took place.

Investigators placed foot-tall evidence markers with numbers on them on a half dozen vehicles at the scene. A vehicle with a Number 1 tag on it is a black Ford pickup truck with a deep gash in its hood. The gash marks where the Ford pickup crashed into a utility pole on Bellmore Avenue.

Meanwhile, the firefighter who got shot, who also has not been identified, is at the Nassau University Medical Center" href="http://www.wpix.com/topic/health/hospitals-clinics/nassau-university-medical-center-PLCUL000073.topic">Nassau University Medical Center. His injuries are not expected to be fatal.