Dog-Poop Artist Aims to Keep New York Clean


9:40 AM EDT, August 6, 2010



A Manhattan artist is using his talents to take aim at one New York's great, disgusting annoyances dog owners who don't pick up after their pooches.

Jay Shells has installed three 28-square-foot paintings in the city that depict a dog doing its business with the message: "Clean Up After Your Dog!" And to help people comply, Shells has attached free biodegradable bags to the artwork.

Shells, who gained attention earlier this year with a guerilla art project aimed a subway etiquette, says he got the idea for the project after yelling (unsuccessfully) at a woman who did nothing after her dog soiled a sidewalk near his apartment.

"Shaming people into doesn't work," Shells told PIX 11 News. "so [I thought] I'd give them a subtle reminder, or not-so subtle reminder. You should use it. Pick it up. Nobody wants to step in it."