As the FBI dispatched a “Black Hawk” helicopter to do a reconnaissance search for human remains near Oak Beach, Long Island today, PIX 11 returned to the former, West Babylon home of one serial killer victim. 

The case of Amber Lynn Costello made headlines over the weekend, when the Daily News reported an angry “john” had complained about her on a website called “”.   The man, using the name “Humiliatrix69”, posted that he paid Costello $200 last July to have sex in her West Babylon home, but he ended up getting robbed by a group of men who barged into the house.  “Tell her we are all coming over there with baseball bats,” responded a guy named Morrie.  Another guy on LongIslandErotic posted, “No one from this board needs to be involved.  I have friends who can take care of this s—t.” 

Eight weeks after the initial posting, the 27-year old Costello, a heroin addict, left the house on America Avenue in West Babylon, with plans to meet a client who had offered her $1500 for sex.  She never returned, and her body was found--wrapped in burlap--on Gilgo Beach.  She was discovered in December; along with three other prostitutes who advertised their services on Craigslist.  Ten sets of human remains have been discovered on the northern section of the barrier island in the last four months. 

FBI agents are highly interested in the “Internet” aspect to this case.  PIX 11 spoke to former NYPD detective Michael Zotto about the difficulties in hunting down suspects by their “IP” addresses.  “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol”.  Zotto told PIX 11: “There are ways to disguise where you’re writing from.  You can be in New York and your ‘IP’ address can show up in Italy!”

Amber Lynn Costello was raised in North Carolina and her sister told Newsweek that Amber Lynn was molested by a neighbor, when she was just six years old.

The sister, Kimberly Overstreet, said Amber Lynn was a once promising student who fell into drugs as a teenager.  She was struggling with her heroin addiction when she got involved in prostitution at age 17, spending about a year at the West Babylon home.  Costello’s neighbor, Joseph Palminteri, told PIX 11 today, “With the people she was hanging around with, who were coming here, it was obvious something was going to happen to her.” 

Palminteri said, “She was a nice person….we would talk to her.”  But he added, “There was just guys coming here every day….There were guys all over the place, she always seemed on edge.”