On Thursday, the Suffolk County DA announced the grisly details as to how David Laffer alllegedly walked into the Haven Drugs Pharmacy on Father's Day morning and executed four innocent people.

The news conference came on the heels of the 33-year-old Ladfer being arraigned on five counts of murder in the first degree and four first degree counts of the use of a fire arm.

"This horrific crime exposes one of our most basic fears, and that fear is of a gunman who is willing and this case almost eager to randomly and senselessly kill," said Suffolk County DA Tom Spota.

Spota went into great detail as to how the unemployed Army and prescription junkie was willing to kill like a mercenary in order to get his fix, "Not one person ever resisted," said Spota, who quickly added,  "Yet he executed every single one of them."
   Laffer was arraigned in front of the family and friends of the four victims.

At one point, Spota described the graphic video, detailing the cowardly way in which Laffer reacted after intially shooting pharmacist Raymond Ferguson through his backpack and wounding him in the stomach, "He walks into the storage alcove where the helpless and defenseless Jennifer Mejia was who is trapped in that alcove,
and in a second or two we hear two loud shots. She is heard screaming, the killer has shot her twice, killing her.  We then see him walk back out of the alcove, he looks at Mr. Ferguson whose lying on his back still moving and and he walks over to him and at point blank range he shoots him twice in the face, killing him," said  Spota.

Customers Bryon Sheffield and Jamie Tacceta were later ambushed from behind.

  It was all over within five minutes. No one ever had a chance.
   There were 7 shell casings and a set of fingerprints left at the scene. Forty-five minutes after shooting Laffer and his wife were seen acting normal on another video at a convenience store a few miles away. 

According to Spota, they were "purchasing a beverage as if nothing had ever happened. We believe that they purposely knew there was a camera at the convenience to set up an alibi."

As for Melinda Brady, Laffer's wife, the DA did not comment on her status as her investigation is still very active.