Cops: Suspect Sold Pipe Bombs In K-Mart Parking Lot
Attention, K-Mart Shoppers! Don't forget to visit our pipe bomb section in the parking lot.

A Connecticut man was arrested after authorities say he sold makeshift-pipe bombs from his SUV in the parking of a K-Mart shopping center in the Bronx.

According to federal sources, the Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested 37-year old Nicholas Lahnier Thursday afternoon after he sold eight "improvised explosive devices" to an undercover officer from his white Subaru outside a K-Mart on Baychester Avenue in the Co-Op City section.

The devices were made of aluminum and filled with potassium perchlorate, with fuses attached, authorities said.

The arrest prompted police to search Lahnier's Bridgeport, Conn. home late Thursday. During the search, a "flashover" from a makeshift bomb inside the home injured A Connecticut state trooper. He was treated for minor injuries.

Officials closed off streets surrounding Lahnier's Riverview Drive home to traffic as authorities conducted their search for further evidence.

Federal sources say there is "no evidence of domestic or international terrorism ties" in the case. Law enforcement had received a tip that Lahnier was selling pipe bombs from his car which led to his arrest.

Lahnier is expected to appear in Federal Court in Manhattan Friday.